Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My environmental issues is about diapers,who knew diapers cause problems to the environment.But they do I thought that diapers were good that they didn't cause any problems to our environment but I find out that if you throw a diaper it takes long to go to waste,so the more you throw the more problems we have in the environment.

Monday, June 8, 2009

EnvirOnmenTal IssueSs'

Last Night, while I was walking home. I seen a man smoking and talking on the phone. I don't think that he noticed that I was wright behind him. I think that because he just blew the air wright in front of my face. So instead of me saying anything I had moved away from him. Finally, the man only took 2 pulls from the cigarette he had and then he threw it away. That was a waste of one cigarette. 


I think recycling is very important it helps the world and the people around us. When we recycle it helps everything and everyone. Everyday more and more people begin to recycle and save the environment with everything they do.

Friday, June 5, 2009

It bad to live in a hot world


Today was a Rainy day the enviroment is veryy cold and umedete


I think that people should stop littering because it affects the way we live.
Littering can lead to destroying the earth because when you litter you taking away
the cleanness of this earth.


I think recycle is very good it help the environment it make it cleaner and not nasty.I recycle at home and some friends recycle too.It is really good to recycle so the planet will be nice.So please recycle so are world will be clean and nice


Heidi Moreau

Environmental Issues are Issues that are affecting our environment . Something that is affecting our environment is Water Pollution . All the water of Bottle that we use do you know were it goes ? If you don't know they go to ocean from were we use water to drink and from were we take fish to eat . Water of Bottles can't be destroy if not they harm our environment more . The only way this could stop is if we stop throwing the water of bottle instead of recycling things that needs to .


June 5,2009

Recycling is important it is something you want and have to do.  If you see the atmosphere of what is keeping us alive is dying because of us not recycling and having our trash in the ocean which is not fair.  All I am asking is for everyone to pitch in and make our earth and happy mother.  HELP RECYCLE THAT WAY THINGS WILL BE ON THIS EARTH FOR MORE TO COME AND SEE.

Water Bottle Pollution*

Did you know that about less than one percent of all plastics are recycled? Almost all plastics are incinerated or end up in a landfill. This is really bad for the environment. Did you also know that 60 Million plastic bottles a day are disposed of in America alone! Yes, this is true and this is very bad for our environment. It takes a water bottle 1,000 years before it will even being to start decomposing. Stop Drinking from water bottle and just drink tap water, it is healthy and inexpensive . GO GREEN PROTECT OUR EARTH! :)


I'm doing recycle. What I feel about recycle is that is important to recycle because
is better for the world and we would keep the environment clean and health.